devpurijiParamyogeshwar Sri Devpuriji is the giver of spiritual power, an incarnation of Divine Will and he represents the yogic consciousness. Sri Devpuriji is the Supreme, a mighty channel who bestows Light and Cosmic energy upon the earth. Sri Devpuriji was like Lord Shiva, indeed - he could be immensely merciful but also very strict too. But even when Sri Devpuriji was angry, people felt blessed because God is never angry with us, only with our bad qualities.

In his ashram at Kailash he held numerous wonderful satsangs (spiritual gatherings) which attracted people from all over India. So great was Sri Devpuriji's love for animals that he was constantly followed by a flock of cows, goats, birds, dogs, and snakes. When he held satsang, even the creatures of the jungle came out to listen to his words. is an embodiment of Lord Shiva. Shiva is the liberator, the destroyer of evil and wickedness. He embodies the light of consciousness and the fire of purification. Humans are indebted to Lord Shiva for the science of Yoga as a gift to the entire world.

Srī Devpurījī held many wonderful Satsangs in his Ashram in Kailash (Rajasthan) – not just for humans, but also for animals. Snakes, scorpions, dogs and birds always surrounded him. He could speak with them because he spoke and understood the universal language, and the animals would listen attentively to his words. The place where he had his Ashram, Kailash in Rajasthan, carries the same name as Mount Kailash in the Himalayas (Tibet) which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Sri Devpuriji's powers are immeasurable. All the elements were under his control. It has been reported by eye-witnesses that he walked on water and could materialize or de-materialize his body according to his will. He directed fire and rain just as he wanted and wherever he went there remained no footprints on the ground.


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