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"Yoga in Daily Life " offers a comprehensive system of techniques, practices and methods for the attainment of physical, mental, social and spiritual health. Nowadays greater stress and tension is placed upon almost every area of life, methods for the attainment of inner peace and the release of tension are essential to maintain wellbeing and health of body, mind and soul.

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It is exactly in this regard that Yoga in Daily Life offers an aid to help onself. The needs and demands of the modern times require an even greater commitment to our inner selves, that we may maintain and strengthen the connection with our inner divine nature. Yoga in Daily Life offers a path to do this, suited to the times and without loosing the originality and effect of the ancient teachings of Yoga.

Yoga means "to Join, or to Unite". The Yoga path and practices take us towards an understanding of ourselves and thus the ability to overcome all of the problems we face. We can realise for ourselves the essence of life and the purpose of our being here, thus we are better able to cope with everyday demands and worries. As our perspective changes we are able to realise the one cosmic principle, and find eternal bliss in the union of the individual self with the universal self.

"Yoga is that supreme, cosmic principle. It is the light of life, the universal creative consciousness that is always awake and never sleeps; that always was, always is, and always will be"

Since time began, wise men and seers have sought knowledge of the nature and cosmos, which they discovered through their meditations. Known as the Rishis of India, these holy saints discovered the laws that govern life in both the material and spiritual realms. They discovered the inter-conections of the entire universe. All this wisdom is found in ancient texts, known as the Vedas. And much of this knowledge is being re-discovered and proven by modern scientific techniques.

From these experiences and insights a far-reaching and comprehensive system known as Yoga originated and gave us valuable, practical instructions for the body, breath, concentration, relaxation and meditation. The practices that the Yoga in Daily Life System book offer have already proven themselves over thousands of years and have been found helpful by millions of people.

Click on the Levels at the left to see, and follow the practices of each Level

"Yoga in Daily Life" is practiced globally, in Yoga centres, Educational institutes, health institutions, sports centres, rehabilitation hospitals, and health resorts. It can be suited to everyone, in any physical condition, so all have the possibility to practice Yoga, in Daily Life!