SarvaHittaAsanaTo create a solid base for the more advanced exercises, you should proceed systematically, beginning with the practice of Sarva Hita Asanas. In this way, you will learn the basics - how to perform the Yoga exercises correctly and how to breathe in the correct way. The body becomes flexible, the muscles are strengthened, and through this, the joints become stronger.

The exercises are also valuable for anyone who would like to meditate, as the Sarva Hita Asanas calm and balance both the mind and nervous system. They deepen the breath and prepare the body for longer, motionless sitting in meditation posture.

The first level of the system “Yoga in Daily Life” is known as Sarva Hita Asanas “good for everyone” as these exercises are of benefit to all people and all parts of the body. The Sarva Hita Asanas in 6 levels, help us to attain integral wellbeing, as they bring body, mind, and soul into balance. Anyone from any age group, regardless of physical condition, can perform these exercises.

Yoga in Daily Life - The System EBook: Sarva Hita Asanas Part 1 - 6

To practice with: A small excerpt from the "Sarva Hita Asanas" Level 1, with Vishwaguruji.

  • Introduction: 0:00:00
  • Start with Mantra: 0:01:36
  • Start of the exercises: 0:02:42

On YouTube: Watch it here

 Vishwaguruji Paramhans Sri Swami Maheshwarananda, spiritual master and yogi is the founder of Yoga in Daily Life System