For Daily Health,Harmony and Vitality

KP3The whole Khatu Pranam sequence is invigorating and brings balance to body, mind and psyche. Therefore it is beneficial to include this sequence in your daily exercise programme from the first level. Khatu Pranam is a sequence of poses that harmonises body, mind and soul and is the outcome of research and experience extending over many years. It strengthens, stretches and relaxes the muscles of the whole body, promotes flexibility of the spine and regulates glandular activity. It fortifies and boosts the immune system and balances the nervous system. A few rounds performed daily improve posture, relieve back pain and digestive problems and reduce stress. This sequence is designed by Vishwaguruji - founder of Yoga in Daily Life, and dedicated to Sri Mahaprabhuji - a great Saint who lived for 135 years in Khatu, a place in the Thar Desert, India.

1) Perform 4-6 rounds of Khatu Pranam once or twice a day to start, especially when feeling tired and you will feel fresh and vital. Vishwaguruji recommends the ideal practise to be 5 rounds in the morning and 5 rounds in the evening to improve your immune system. You will soon feel the result and benefit in your whole being.

  • For a complete list of benefits and detailed step-by-step intruction how to practice Khatu Pranam please follow this link.
  • Download the brochure for easy reference.

2) Relax in Anandasana after completing your practice: 

Lie comfortably on the back. The feet fall loosely away from each other. The arms lie relaxed beside the body with the palms facing up. Close the eyes and relax the eyelids. Feel the whole body from the toes to the head. Guide the attention to each part of the body, gradually and consciously relax the whole body. Benefits: Brings physical and mental relaxation and is an important prerequisite for the optimal performance and benefits of Yoga exercises.